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Improving Lives: An Eco-Village In Liberia

Local industry & Business: 

Local residents learning construction as they build houses for themselves using local materials (Nicaragua). click picture for larger image.

The project will be using local materials for building.  Industries and businesses naturally develop around these products including such things as compressed earth blocks, soil cement blocks, roof tiles, milled wood products, fiber products and woven materials to mention a few.  Consider one example.  We may wish to use compressed earth blocks in constructing walls.  Some equipment is required to do this and some skill is also required.  In the case where we would like to use these blocks we will purchase the equipment needed, train a local person to do the work and contract with him/her to provide the blocks.  He now has a business in place with the necessary equipment, skills and a first customer.  When he completes this first project he has solidified his business and can sell his product to other customers as well as future projects under our program.  The product is less expensive than imported products and all the money involved stays in and helps build the local economy.


If the product is produced on a self-help basis, with no purchase contract, the persons involved still have the equipment and skills and are able to start a cash business for other projects in the future.



home projects articles links who are we contact