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Improving Lives: An Eco-Village In Liberia

Education: Our projects typically engage local universities.  We involve students in the design and research for the project.  This makes an exciting class for the students, teaches them new skills and provides research and input to the project that we might not otherwise be able to afford.  It also creates an educated group of people for the next project.  In Monrovia a local architect, Sylvanus O’Connor, arranged for us to meet with the Dean of the Stella Maris Polytechnic and about 30 students. The students were excited about the work and goals we discussed with them. They raised excellent questions and also had useful knowledge. They were anxious to participate.


Meeting with Students at Stella Maris Polytechnic School

We also bring international universities into the project and arrange for them to collaborate with the local universities.  This is exciting for both the Liberian and the international students and brings further resources to the project.  Professor Seth Wachtel, Director of the Architecture and Community Design Program at the University of San Francisco, has organized classes specifically ready for this project.  In addition, USF has a program that would allow the USF students to travel to and work in Liberia.  That is good for them and good for Liberia.


Job Training: We introduce new technologies as well as best practices and improvements to local (traditional) technologies.  Teaching the workers how to do high quality work is integral to the construction process.  When the project is done a group of workers has been created with marketable skills who can work on future projects like this one or be employed in other projects.


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