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Future Opportunities Innovation Workshop  


From January 11 through 12, 2004 the Corning Company sponsored a workshop to explore the major global trends and discover if these offered opportunities for the company. The workshop was attended by about 150 Corning scientists and executives and sent by video link to France and Russia. Presenting at the workshop were:


Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute: Transportation

Jonathan Pershing, Director of Climate, Energy and Pollution Program, World Resource Institute: Environment Issues

Bill Halal, futurist, George Washington University: Perspective on the Future

Peter Morrison, RAND: Socio-Economics and Demographics

Mary DeRosa, Center for Strategic & International Studies: Security/Privacy Concerns

Bernice Rogowitz, IBM Watson Research Center: Computing and Communications

Dr. Roderic Pettigrew, National Institute of Health: Biotechnology & Medicine

Dr. Gene Meieran, Intel: Manufacturing

Renata Bushko, Future of Health Tech Institute: Health Care

Shuvo Roy, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute: Biology and Medicine

Helen Greiner, iRobot: Automation/Robotics

John Torkelson, Northwestern University: Materials

Alain Diebold, SemaTech: Measurement

Huck Rorick, Groundwork Institute: Housing


This article is taken from Huck Rorick’s presentation to the workshop on the global housing problem.



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